wTrain up a child in the way he should go; and even when he is old he will not depart from it."   Proverbs 22:6


Upcoming Events:


May 21- 10:00  Walking Field Trip with Reading Buddies to Art Gallery, Leo's Pizza, Our Town Bookstore, Salvation Army ,Charlie's Cones, then Bubblemania back at school

May 22-Field Day p.m.1-3 p.m.

May 23-No School, Records Day, Awards Banquet 6 p.m. for all K-7th

May 24-Last Day of School,

             8:30 a.m. Kindergarten Recognition during Chapel, then reception for all in the cafeteria

             Early Dismissal at 11:15

Kindergarten Newsletter-End of year May 2019

It’s hard to believe that we are here at the end of the year of Kindergarten! Please remember to return all reading bags, little reading books, Wonders reading books, library books and anything else you think belongs to the school, even if you find things this summer, just drop them off in the office for the classes next year please. Thursday beginning at 6 p.m. is the Awards Night Potluck at Salem for grades K-7th to recognize students for achievements for 4th Quarter, Yearly Awards, Academic Awards, Random Acts of Kindness Awards, Team Spirit Awards and Sports Awards. Everyone will be recognized in some way so please come. It won’t last too long. Last Day of School is Friday with early dismissal at 11:15. Don’t forget Kindergarten Recognition is this Friday morning during regular chapel beginning at 8:30 a.m. The children will be dressed in caps and gowns and come forward when their name is called to receive their diploma. Immediately after chapel, there will be a reception in their honor in the cafeteria for everyone, all grades and their families. Please join us to celebrate new beginnings as we all go forward. If you can’t attend the entire service, please come by 8:50 a.m. so you won’t miss the recognition part. Have a terrific summer break and please have your kids read every day so they don’t lose their reading skills! I’ll miss seeing you and your kiddos so text me photos and a text now and then. Blessings to all your families!



Kindergarten News     May 13

During Jesus’ Time, we will learn about Philip and the Ethiopian who wanted to be baptized and Lydia, who sold purple goods (Mrs. Henderson’s favorite color) who heard Paul share God’s Word about Jesus, was baptized and welcomed Paul to her home. We too should share God’s Word with others and enjoy fellowship with other believers. Please return all library books, Kindergarten Reading Books and homework by next Monday. If you find additional school books this summer at home, please drop them off at the church office anytime so we can use them next year. Show and Tell and Spelling tests are over for the year. Don’t forget your child’s lunch, jacket and car seat on Friday, May 17, for the museum and zoo trip. On Tuesday, we will be going with our Reading Buddies on a walking field trip to spend time together to celebrate friendships made while they were our Reading Buddies. We will go to the Strawn Art Gallery, make our own pizzas at Leo’s for lunch, have story time at the Our Town Bookstore, deliver books to the Salvation Army (in honor of our Reading Buddies) get ice cream from Charlie’s cones, then have Bubblemania on the playground. Parents may join us on Wed. afternoon, May 22, for field day activities from 1-3 p.m. There is no school on Thursday, May 23 but that evening is the Awards Ceremony for all for 4th quarter awards, and all year awards so please be there. Note that closing chapel is on Fri. May 24, at 8:30 a.m. with Kindergarten Recognition (with caps and gowns) during the service and a reception for the entire school and guests in the cafeteria afterwards. Please send a sturdy bag on Monday, May 20, to carry extra supplies home. A note was sent home from the Jacksonville Public Library that explains the free summer library program and the special activities including movies, special guests, crafts and story time that are offered beginning in June. These are wonderful activities to encourage your brand new reader to keep on reading and growing over the summer. You do not need to have a library card to participate in these activities. If you live in the city limits of Jacksonville, you can obtain a free library card for your child to check out books but all the activities are free to all. Thanks to all our special helpers that helped us throughout the school year: Mrs. Tina (Art Nanny) Hutchcraft, Lisa Hadden, Sharon Strubbe (who ran off papers all year), Mrs. Beckmann who filled our mailboxes all year, the cooks, Kelli and Jill, who spoiled and helped us with projects and parents and grandparents for sending snacks and driving on field trips. God certainly blessed us with your help. We give thanks this week especially to Christina Antemate, and Julie Rice for driving Friday. Thanks for all the special gifts and cards that I received for Teacher Appreciation Week. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to teach and love your children. Have a terrific summer break and please have your kids read every day so they don’t lose their reading skills! Blessings to all!


 Newsletter from Mrs. Jane Henderson (May 5,2019)

During Jesus’ Time we hear that while Paul was a prisoner on a ship, he reassured everyone that although the storm would destroy their ship, God’s plan was that they would all survive. God, our deliverer, promised to be with us during difficult times too. Our Reading unit is called, Sort it Out, based on the big book called All Kinds of Families. Our last phonics lessons of the year focus on long e words but we are skipping the spelling test since we will be on a field trip on May 17. Just FYI, I will be at an all-day Dyslexia workshop on Thurs, May 16, so Mrs. Hadden will be the sub. On Friday, May 17, we will be going to the Illinois State Museum and the Henson Robinson Zoo so please arrive at school no later than 8:10 so we can leave by 8:15. Send your child directly to the classroom as we will not be in chapel opening that day. Remember to send a lunch, car seat and jacket please. Just a heads up that on the last day of school, May 24, we will be having Kindergarten Recognition during closing chapel where each child will wear a cap and gown, have their name called and receive a certificate for completing Kindergarten. Time to be determined but dismissal will be at 11:15. We will also have a reception for all who would like to attend after chapel (so invite others too to see your child). Thank you to Julie Rice, Lauren Hearold and Heather Magelitz for driving on the fieldtrip to the Scott County Fairgrounds last week. We will be doing end of the year testing from here on out so please review the areas your child needed to work on. Thanks for helping all year.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (April 28, 2019)

In Jesus’ Time we learn about Pentecost when the tongues of fire rested on Jesus’ disciples. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and could speak different languages. God wants all people to hear about Jesus and to come to faith in Him as their Savior. The Holy Spirit makes us brave and glad to share the news of what Jesus has done. In Reading, our next unit is called Problem Solvers and the big book is called What’s the Big Idea Molly? We will work on the Long u sound in Spelling. The last Show and Tell on May 9 is a few choice toy and there is no Show and Tell on May 2 due to the Field Trip. In Math, we will be learning the rest of the Doubles Rap so we can learn the math doubles with sums to 20. In Science, we began our plant unit and planted marigolds, sunflowers and beans. Now we will draw pictures of them weekly to watch their progress. The children enjoy watching time-elapsed YouTube videos showing plants growing. Our Scholastic News will focus on Insects since the play we watched at Our Saviors was about Bugs. The kiddos really enjoyed dressing up for the play and can’t wait to do it again last year. Thanks for getting your children here and to those that helped get them ready and chaperoned. If you haven’t turned in your permission slips and fees for May 17 we need those pronto please in an envelope with your child’s name on it. Don’t forget that Muffins for Moms (or another special person in your child’s life) is set for May 9 from 7:30 a.m- 8:15 a.m. Hope you can all be there. It means so much to your child to have you visit school. If you want any books from the book order for summer, be sure to use your coupon for a free $5 book with any purchase (even if it’s $1 ) by April 29 when I will send in April’s order. I also sent you the same coupon for May to be used by May 10 so it will be delivered before the school year ends. Thank you.


Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (April 21)

In Jesus’ Time, we will hear about Jesus ascending into heaven but before He left He gave His disciples a job to do which was to tell everyone about Him. Jesus also wants us to tell people about His great love for them. He promises to stay with us always and to take us to heaven to live with Him forever. The “Book It” reading program for pizzas is over for the year but students may continue to read and turn in sheets of books read. For reading 10 books they may earn free “Cookie Dough” from Papa Murphy’s, so keep sending in lists with names of 10 books to receive this freebie. I will accept lists until the end of the school year. In reading, we begin a unit called Problem Solvers based on the Big Book called What’s the Big Idea Molly? In math, we learn the math fact doubles rap. The Show and Tell theme for April 25 is to bring a mystery seed and for May 2 there is no Show and Tell due to the Field Trip on May 2. Reminder that your child needs a sack lunch, drink and jacket for the field trip on Thursday, May 2 to the fairgrounds. The K-7th Grade musical is Friday, April 25 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, April 26 at 7 p.m. Please have your child come to our classroom (after using the restroom) no later than 6:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday so I can get them into costume for the play. You may pick them up from the classroom after the evening performance. Thanks for attending. We thank the Jacksonville Pilot group that brought a group of dressed-up high-school students with their Brainminder’s Group. The animals in costumes taught us this week to protect our melons by wearing helmets etc. I’m trying to get to watch each child in my class play soccer, T-ball or dance so please let me know when the games and recitals are held. Be sure you tell your friends about Salem Lutheran School, we would love to have them here as part of the Salem family.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (April 14)

Jesus’ Time, we will hear about Thomas, the disciple that doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead, until he put his fingers in Jesus’ wounds. Jesus told him, “Blessed are those who believe and have not seen.” It’s easy to believe in things we see but it’s much harder to have faith in the things we can’t see. our Scholastic magazine, the video and lessons are about sects and Plants. Math, we begin our first real written math tests. In Reading, our theme is Our Natural Resources based on the book Bread Comes to Life. On Thurs, May 2, we will be going on a field trip to the Scott County Fair Grounds in Winchester where we will take part in the Kindergarten program, “Where Does Your Food Come From?” Students will be able to climb on a combine and tractor, pet farm animals and participate in activities like making butter, milking a cow, seeing plants grow, how a river is formed and more. We will need drivers so contact me if you are interested in coming with us. The Show and Tell Theme for April 18 is to bring something that a friend gave you and for April 25 to bring a seed (in a mystery bag with 3 clues). Students are asked to attend the K-7th grade musical, Peter Pan Jr., on Fri. April 26, at 7 p.m. and April 27 at 7 p.m. Tickets are available in the office for $7 in you buy them in advance, or $10 at the door. Remember that we dismiss on Good Friday at 1:15 from the school playground door after noon chapel. Join us for the service if you wish. There is no school on Monday, April 22 for Easter Monday. We offer our sympathy to the family of Trystan Magelitz whose Nana (Heather’s mother) passed away on Saturday in Pennsylvania. It’s so hard to lose a grandparent but as believers in Jesus, we have the hope of reuniting with them in heaven soon.


Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (April 8)

In Jesus’ Time, we learn about Jesus rising from the dead and that since He came alive on Easter that we can be sure that we will live again after our earthly death. Reading, our new unit is titled, Good Citizens, based on the big book, Hen Hears Gossip, teaching us to not talk about others in a negative manner. math, we will be adding doubles with sums to 10. Show and Tell for April 11 is to bring an item that can be recycled and for April 18 to bring something that a friend gave or made for you. There will be early dismissal at 1:15 after the 12 p.m. Good Friday church service on Friday, April 19. Parents are welcome to attend. There is no school on April 22. I am planning a Field Trip, for Thurs., May 2, to the Scott County Fairgrounds in Winchester in the morning for the program, “Where Does Your Food Come From?” the afternoon that same day, we will be walking to Our Saviors School to watch their spring play about BUGS and get some ice cream at Charlie’s Cones. Let me know if you want to go along on this trip. There will be another trip in May to Springfield, date to be announced. We will be having an Easter party on Tuesday, April 23. our Scholastic Magazine we will learn about Earth Day and Rabbits. Thank you for supporting us at school and thank you for the many birthday gifts and thank you to Julie Rice for bringing cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate.


Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (April 1)

During Jesus Time, we’ll hear that Jesus willingly suffered and died on the cross for us so that our sins would be taken away. His death is the punishment of our sins. He takes our sins away so we don’t have to be punished. Our reading theme this week is Look to the Sky based on the book, Bringing Down the Moon. The Spelling test is a review of the past weeks of sight words. In First Grade Math, we continue to review writing numbers, emphasizing neatness and hitting the lines, while we review some, some more, and some, some went away story problems and identify lighter and heavier masses using a balance. Show and Tell for Thursday, April 4 is a Spring activity and for April 11 is to bring an item that can be recycled. We will be studying and painting the stages of butterflies. In Social Studies, we hear American learn how people and families are alike and different. In Science, we study mixtures and solutions. Painting Day is rescheduled for Sat. April 13, beginning at 1 p.m. Areas to be painted include games on the blacktop on the playground, a stripe on the wall in the Kindergarten classroom, repainting the PreK classroom, painting the play set for Peter Pan as well as painting for the children too. Please join us for an hour or two and help give our school a facelift. If you haven’t heard, the Peter Pan play has been moved to April 26 and 27. Practice for Kindergarten will be closer to the production. They will have no lines but the girls will be fairies and the boys will be pirates. If you have costumes that would work for those roles, please let us know. Also make sure that your child has a spare set of clothes for Spring: top, bottoms, undies and socks-just in case!! And a blanket for resting and waterbottle weekly.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (March 17)

During Jesus Time, we hear about Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and how the disciples were not able to stay awake with Him. We will walk over to the church and examine the stained-glass picture in the front of the church of Jesus in the garden. For reading, your child should be practicing sight words from the pink or gold sheet sent with his/her report card which will be sent home on March 22. It’s very important that you check your child’s comprehension when he/she reads a story to you so he/she remembers what he/she reads since this is the point of reading. Our reading theme after break is My USA based on the Big Book called Ana Goes to Washington. In Math, we will eat apples and add the seeds from each half to make a math problem. We will now add doubles with sums to 10 by learning a doubles rap. We are also using a new tool called a “Wrap-up” to practice counting and then later to practice our math facts. This is a fun way using a string wrapped on plastic keys to learn necessary facts. Please help your child practice writing to 100 and leaving a space between the numbers for ease of reading. In Social Studies, we study how we celebrate holidays in our families. Show and Tell on Thursday, March 21, is to bring the Mystery Bag back with something that brings you good luck or is green and fill out the sheet with three clues. For April 7, the Show and Tell Theme is to bring a picture of your favorite Spring activity. Remember there is no school for Spring Break from March 25-29. School is back in session on April 1 but please note that I will have a substitute, Mrs. Hadden, on that day because I will be in Michigan attending my 50th Confirmation Reunion with 24 classmates. Wow, time flies! We will have an Easter Break dismissing at 1:15 on Good Friday, April 19, and school will be back in session of April 23. God bless your family on Spring Break as you have fun outdoors, hopefully!


Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (March 10)

Jesus Time we will hear about Jesus, our King, humbly riding into Jerusalem on a donkey while crowds shouted, “Hosanna.” Jesus saves us from our sins. We respond to His goodness and grace in prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. Sometimes we do not appreciate who Jesus is or what He has done for us. Sometimes we have a bad attitude about singing and worshiping. Let us joyfully sing songs of praise to Jesus, our Savior and King. We will sing and enjoy the song, “Here Comes Jesus Riding on a Donkey.” We will be starting the First Grade Math series next week so we will be doing a quick review and continue. They are ready. The new unit in Reading is titled On the Move and is based on the big book called When Daddy’s Truck Picks Me Up. We will be studying animal habitats in our Scholastic Magazine. Please have your child practice writing the upper and lowercase alphabet in this format: Aa Bb Cc etc. My goal is to have them all be able to write all the upper and lowercase letters independently by the end of the year, formed correctly and using the lines. Show and Tell for Thursday, March 14 is to bring an empty cereal box and for March 21, bring a Mystery Bag with items that are “lucky” or green. Thank you to Bryson, Trystan and Gage for singing in church last Sunday. Thanks to all who helped make National Lutheran Schools Week special by joining in the activities and participating in the dress-up days. We welcome back the MacMurray Women ’s Basketball team who are spending recess and some one-on-one class time with us two days per week. They make superb role models.


Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson.

In Jesus’ Time we will hear about Mary listening to Jesus. She made this a priority but her sister, Martha, was more concerned about preparing her house for company. In our busy and hectic lives, we are also reminded to dwell on the one thing needful and that is nurturing our own and our family’s relationship with Christ. In times of trouble, it’s easier to remember to do this but we need to stop daily and seek the Lord’s guidance. In reading, we begin a new unit called Animal Habitats which focuses on the big book called Bear Snores On. Please continue to practice reading with your child in his/her individual reading books. You may keep these books at home but please return them by Wednesdays (a change) every week as that’s the day that I listen to each child individually. Also keep working on their sight word ring cards. In math, we will be learning to draw pictures for some, some went away and acting out story problems using beginning subtraction. In art, we will be making goofy hats based on the book, Go Dogs Go. The theme for Show and Tell for March 7 is to bring two objects that show opposites like a tall, and a short stuffed animal etc. and for March 14 is to bring an empty box of their favorite cereal. If they want to leave a small sample in the box, we will share it for snack (must tell 3 things about the cereal). We are finishing our testing for third quarter report cards so please review the areas your child needed to work on last quarter. We need to really start practicing tying our own shoes to encourage independence. Just practice one step at a time and one of these days it will click. Think how accomplished you and your child will feel!! Thank you to those families who brought your child to sing and were able to attend the pancake breakfast Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed National Lutheran Schools Week. Thank you all for your support. Please remember that Reading Night for the whole family will be on Monday, March 11, starting with a PTL meeting at 5:30 p.m. and the Reading Events beginning at 6 pm. Next week, on Thursday, we will enjoy a visit from Shelly, the dental hygienist from Dr. Marcia Auld’s office for a lesson on tooth care.




Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (February 24)

In Jesus’ Time we will hear about Jesus feeding 5000 people with two fish and five tiny loaves of bread. We can trust God too to provide for our every need in every situation, even when it seems impossible. We can trust Jesus to handle even the biggest of our problems. In reading, we talk about Pet Pals, based on the book, The Birthday Pet. Please review recognizing coins: pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and knowing how much each coin is worth. This seems tough probably since our children today are used to seeing credit/debit cards instead of cash and coins. Book Orders are due on March 2. Show and Tell for Feb. 28 is to bring a picture or drawing of your grandparents and for March 7 they are to bring two items that are opposite of each other: big and small, black and white, etc. Reminder for Friday, March 1 to bring a Dr. Seuss’ book (with your name in it or a note inside of who it belongs to) and wear a red shirt if possible, otherwise white or blue as we will dress like Thing 1 and 2 etc. to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday on Friday. Please note several special days coming up: Fri, March 1,- Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Sunday, March 3-kids sing in the 10:30 service with the teacher pancake breakfast available from 9 a.m.-12:30, Monday, March 4, wear purple (our class color for Rainbow Day), Tues. March 5-wear your favorite sports team gear, Wed. March 6- Royalty Day (crowns, sashes, queen or king, prince or princess clothing), Thurs. March 7-Comfy Day-PJ’s, slippers(only inside not outside the school) for all school movie in the gym, Friday, March 8-Grandparent’s Day-wear Salem Cyclone clothes, chapel with grandparents in the church and attend the “Grow Where You Are Planted” stations in the gym afterwards with them. If a grandparent is unable to attend, please send someone else to be with them (parent/relative/friend) or let me know that no one is with your child and I will place them with another family. Dismissal is at 11:15 a.m. or when you are finished with the stations and March 11- Reading Night in the gym. Children may bring grandparents into the room and show them around before they grab their coats and backpacks to head home. Be sure to sign out with me before your child leaves with their grandparent. Thanks to Tina Hutchcraft (Art Nanny) and Judy Sager (Gage’s Great-Aunt) that drove to and chaperoned the Petting Zoo trip. Your children were so well behaved, I was proud of them. We couldn’t go to events like this without your help!


Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (Feb. 17)

In Jesus’ Time we will hear about Jesus healing a paralyzed man whose friends lowered him down into a crowded room through an opening in a roof. Jesus healed him and told him his sins were forgiven as He does us every time we repent too. Through faith, we can come confidently to Jesus with our problems and concerns for ourselves and for others.  In reading, we begin a new unit called Baby Animals featuring the big book called Zooborns. In math, we act out story problems, with "some, some more" statements. In art, we will be painting Georgia O’Keefe’s style of flowers where we design an up-close look at a flower and paint. Your child may bring an artificial flower to look at closely to draw from if desired, otherwise I will have some they may use. We need these by TUESDAY next week.  For Show and Tell on Feb. 21, they are to bring a mystery bag(free choice) with 3 clues and for Feb. 28, they are to bring a drawing or picture of their grandparent(s)that are coming for Grandparents' Day on March 8. Please invite grandparents (or someone in their place) to attend from 8-11:15 for a fun day. In our Scholastic Magazine, we study famous presidents. For Science, we study the animals they saw at the Petting Zoo. On Friday, March 1, we will celebrate Dr. Seuss with many actvities. Your child is encouraged to bring Dr. Seuss books, toys etc. but please put names inside as there may be duplicates. Please review the last report card suggestions with your child as end of quarter testing will begin soon in the next few weeks. Reminder that 6 Flags tickets reading sheets(tracking 6 hours of reading by your child or yours to them)  are due on Feb. 26 as well as Book It for February in early February. Thanks for taking an interest in advancing your child's education. 


Kindergarten Newsletter from Mrs. Henderson (Feb. 10)

In Jesus’ Time we will learn about when Jesus healed ten men with leprosy but only one told Jesus thank you. It reminds us that Jesus blesses us in many ways, such as by healing our diseases and illnesses and taking away our sins. In Reading, our theme is ‘Stormy Weather” with the Big Book titled, “Waiting Out the Storm.” In math, we begin to learn about doubles. A pink sheet went home with the names of all classmates and helpers, so you could help your child write out Valentine cards for the party on Thursday, Feb. 14. Also, please remember to make a valentine box to take your child’s cards home in (check Pinterest for ideas). Feel free to send a treat with the cards if you want to. The Show and Tell Theme for Feb. 14 is to bring a picture your child drew of someone he/she cares about. For Feb. 21- bring a mystery item with three clues (free choice). Since we are over half way through the year, it’s really time for the Kindergarteners to come to the classroom by themselves in the morning and take care of their own backpacks, folders, water bottles, bathroom break, lunch clips, etc. Parents are always welcome to visit but this is an important step to develop your child’s independence. Please always feel that you can come in before or after school to talk to me, text or call me at home to discuss anything on your mind. Remember there is no school on Monday, Feb. 18 due to Presidents’ Day. Please turn in your Book It forms for January. Also 6 Flag reader slips are due Feb. 26. Ask for a new slip if you’ve misplaced yours. Thank you for encouraging reading! On Tuesday, Feb. 19, we will be going to see the FFA Petting Zoo at Jacksonville High School. Let me know if you would like to drive. This is a very short one-hour visit. We will be leaving at 10:35 and return by 11:45 and eat lunch when we return.



Kindergarten Newsletter  (Feb. 3)

In Jesus’ Time we learn about the story of The Widow’s Mite. Jesus was pleased with the trust of a poor woman who gave all that she had as an offering to the Lord. We can trust that God will take care of all our needs as we strive to willingly give our time, talents and treasures to Jesus. We enjoyed the many ways we celebrated 100 Day in Kindergarten this week from counting 100 blessings, measuring who had the longest, shortest items, heaviest and lightest items, to doing 100 claps, hops, steps, 100 seconds of silence (big challenge), eating 100 snacks, stacking 100 cups, etc. In Reading, we begin a new unit with the theme, “Stormy Weather” with the big book titled, “Waiting Out the Storm.” In math, we will learn about symmetry by cutting hearts and we will be testing on counting and writing to 30 if your child needs extra practice. A few dates for your calendar- Feb. 12-Lincoln Day, Feb. 14-Valentine’s Day Party, Feb. 18-no school for President’s Day. Special homework for Feb. 14-bring your valentine cards for classmates (and helpers if you have extras) and make a special valentine box, bag or container for your child to bring their valentines home in. Send no later than Feb. 14 for the party. If you want to send candy or a treat with the Valentine cards for classmates, you are welcome to do so. Show and Tell theme for Feb. 7th is to bring something with a president on it and for next week, Feb. 14- draw a picture about someone you care about. We will be learning about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington to honor Presidents’ Day. In Social Studies, we discover weather and seasons. The K-2 choir has practiced all week to sing in church this Sunday, February 10, at 10:30. Please join us if you can. Writing Talent Search entries (stories or poems) are due to Mrs. Henderson by Feb. 13. If you need help or another packet of information, please ask. Thank you to Jeanne Strubbe for reading Dr. Seuss’ ”Horton Hears a Who,” and showing us of models of unborn babies in honor of Life Sunday when we pray for the lives of the unborn and elderly. God loves these people as much as you! Please join the Salem family this Friday, Feb. 8 for the Spaghetti Dinner from 5-6:30 (a fund raiser for the Boys Basketball Team’s warm-up suits)and the dance for all starting at 7 p.m. in the gym. It’s an 80’s theme!



Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson

The Jesus’ Time story is about Jesus blessing the children. Although the disciples told the children not to bother Jesus, Jesus felt strongly that the children were welcome. Jesus welcomes all children to Himself, along with the noises, wiggles, runny noses, and fingerprints they make and offers them forgiveness, love, and blessings. Grateful that half the class was able to join us to sing in church last Sunday. The next time we will be singing in church will be on February 10 at 10:30. Please mark your calendars. Our author of the month is Caralyn Buehner who wrote the Snowmen books with the titles of: Snowmen All Year, Snowmen at Work, Snowmen at Night and more. A suggested Valentine list will be sent home soon for your child to prepare valentines for our school family for our party on February 14th. The reading theme for next week is What’s the Weather? and the Big Book is titled Rain. In Math, we will review the names of coins and the value of them as well as reviewing numbers 21-30. In Handwriting, we have learned how to correctly form all the upper- and lower-case letters so now we are focusing on hitting the lines and leaving spaces between words. If your child is interested in exploring their art talents, the Jacksonville Public Library is offering classes beginning on Saturdays in February and another session beginning in April. The Tots’ Variety class for ages 3-5 will explore clay, paints and drawing while the Kids’ Express class for ages 6-9 will explore drawing, painting and ceramics. I’ll send a brochure home soon referring to it. Scholarships are available. Please help your child write the numbers 1-30 daily until they can do it from memory. Show and Tell for Jan. 31 is to bring a mystery bag with clues for your child’s favorite sport. In our Scholastic Magazine we explore fuzzy, penquin chicks.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson

Jesus’ Time lesson is about Jesus calming the storm while on a boat in the Sea of Galilee. We will learn to recognize times when we are afraid and doubt or forget that God will save us. We will practice giving our fears to God in prayer. In math, we are playing “war” to learn greater and lesser numbers as well as covering designs with tangrams. We will have learned about Martin Luther King Jr. as we celebrate his birthday with no school on Monday, Jan. 21. On Jan. 30 (unless there would be a snow day) we will celebrate our 100th day of school with special activities all day. Please have your child make a poster or display to hang in the hall featuring 100 items (ie: stickers, toothpicks, pennies, buttons, cereal, etc. attached to the poster. It’s best to use hot glue or really sturdy glue, like E-600 (Wal-Mart), to attach these. We will not be eating these, just admiring them in the hallway. You may bring the completed poster (any size) as soon as your child completes it. Look on Pinterest for some fun ideas for this. I will be sending home information about the Writing Talent Search which is a writing contest for which the Kindergarteners need to dictate a poem or story (prose) on their own but parents type. Please pay attention to all the guidelines that will be sent home and note the due date. This contest is for Kindergarten and up, so siblings may participate also. Encourage them please. Students especially love when I read their writings to the rest of the class. We cheer for each other!! The theme for reading is “Fresh From the Farm” based on the book, “An Orange in January.” There will be no spelling tests on January 18 but there will be one on Jan. 25. Let me know if you didn’t get a spelling list or need another one. In Social Studies, we learn about what bodies of water are on maps and what globes show. Show and Tell for Jan. 17 is to bring an object that reminds you of winter and for Jan. 24 to bring a gift you got for Christmas. Don’t forget to attend Construction Night for Pre-K and Kindergarteners on Jan. 22 from 6-7:30 p.m. This free special event for parents and kids will include building a Home Depot project, making towers of shaving cream and blocks, building your own log cabin or shiskabob to eat and building a clubhouse and more. This event is open to the public and you may bring a friend and it will be a good time. Be sure to RSVP to the school office soon.


Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson

Our Jesus’ Time lessons are about Jesus choosing His disciples. Jesus told Peter, Andrew, James and John to catch men instead of fish. God calls us to be His helpers, to share His love and to tell others about Jesus. We are now learning the Apostles Creed in class. Next week’s reading unit focuses on the Big Book, ” A Grand Old Tree” and learning how seeds turn into trees and studying how living things change as they grow. In Math, we begin using playing cards to compare greater or lesser numbers. We are starting to make up our own stories and are illustrating them to read to each other in class. In Social Studies we will learn of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. before we get a day off for his birthday on Jan. 21. Show and Tell for Jan. 10 is to bring an item with 2019 on it, and for Jan. 17 is to bring an object that reminds you of winter. We are gathering real items to include in our new class store that students will really be able to “buy” with FLASHBUCKS for rewards for homework returned and green and yellow behavior days. Items such as little toys, balloons, pens, little notebooks, dollar store items, or anything that your child would enjoy “purchasing” as a reward is ok. If you have items you would like to donate please send them to school marked “Kindergarten Class Store.” Also, if your child wears boots, make sure he/she has a pair of tennis shoes to change into for PE. It’s best to leave these at school so they don’t have to remember to bring some when they wear boots. Also on Mondays, please send back your child’s blanket, very small pillow for rest time as well as his/her water bottle. On that note, have you sent a complete change of clothes for the winter months yet? Events coming up include the Pre-K and Kdg. Construction Night event on January 22. Please plan on attending this fun-all-night event. Hope you had a restful Christmas break. Thank you for spoiling me with gifts and cards. I am blessed.


 Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (Dec. 17)

 So far during Jesus time, we have heard the stories from the Old Testament but in January we start the New Testament stories beginning with Jesus as a boy studying God’s Word in the temple. We will talk about how we too as children can do the work that Jesus wants us to do. In reading, our unit has the title of “How Does Your Garden Grow?” In math, we are discovering cylinders, counting by 5’s to 100, trading 5 pennies for a nickel, and buying items in the store from 5 to 25 cents. Show and Tell theme for Jan. 10 is to bring something with the year 2019 on it. Spelling tests resume on January 11. We will start Reading Buddies with the 5th-7th graders once a week when they will read to us and give us our AR tests. on we will be reading to them and establishing a long friendship with them. On Friday, Dec. 21 we will be watching an all-school movie in the gym, complete with popcorn. Students will be using their blankets to lay on in the gym, but you might want to send a pillow or another blanket to cover with if they don’t already have one. Don’t forget to send your gift for the angel child (a boy aged 7) by Friday, Dec. 21. Our party will start at noon if you would like to join us. Dismissal is at 1:15 on Friday. Thanks to Stephanie Bezler and Christina Antemate for driving to the nursing homes on Monday. Many thanks for singing in the Christmas Program on Wednesday. Few things are as important as children witnessing to others about the birth of Jesus. We look forward to a brand-new year in 2019! I keep wondering why the years keep passing by so quickly as it sure didn’t seem like that when I was a child. God’s blessings to your families as you take a much-needed rest and family-time over Christmas Break. I am thankful for the gift of teaching your children this year.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson  (Dec. 2)

Jesus’ Time lesson is about the Wise Men following the star that led them to worship the newborn King just as we realize that God is the one who leads us to Jesus. The Holy Spirit will help us lead others to Jesus while we worship Jesus with gifts of love. The Show and Tell for Dec. 6 is to bring your favorite stuffed toy and for Dec. 13 is to bring a favorite Christmas decoration or item, i.e.: singing snowman, toy, etc. We are excited to go caroling and to sing Christmas songs for the residents of Prairie Village Healthcare Center at 1 and Heritage Health at 1:45 on Monday, Dec. 17, leaving at 12:45 and returning by 3:00. Please send a car seat that day. If you would be willing to drive, please send a note or a text stating such with the number of children you can hold. Your child might want to wear his/her special Christmas clothes for singing. offering in chapel for December is to collect new warm socks for the warming center for Kellon Oldenettel’s Sock Drive. If you would like to help him with this project, it would surely warm your hearts and their feet. We are teaching our students to be generous and give back to God who gave us His son and so much more. In Math, we are using Chinese Tangrams Puzzles and are measuring by using non-standard things. Remember that our classroom Christmas party is on Friday, Dec. 21 from 12:00-1:00 before early dismissal at 1:15 that day. Please make sure your child brings a $7-$10 gift for the gift exchange that day.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (Nov. 26)

The Jesus’ Time story is about Simeon and Anna waiting for God to keep His promise and give His people a Savior. God sent Jesus that first Christmas to save ALL the people of the world, giving us peace. That gift of salvation is still ours today and we are to share the good news of God’s love and peace with others. That’s why we will have a Salem Christmas Service on Thurs. Dec. 20 at 7:00 p.m. All children, Pre-K through 7th Grade will participate. To share in the tradition of giving gifts as God did by sending His son, Jesus, our classroom Christmas party and gift exchange will be on Friday, December 21. Boys bring a boy’s gift and girls bring a girl’s gift around $7. Mark your gift, “To a Boy (or Girl), From (your child’s name). Please send your gift by Dec. 19 to school. The theme for Show and Tell for Nov. 29 is to bring or sing your favorite song or instrument and for Dec. 6 is to bring a favorite stuffed animal. Spelling tests will be on Nov. 30, Dec. 7 and 14. Continue to practice letters, sounds, and sight words in boxes, sign each time and return once a week. Next week’s Reading theme is “Meet Your Neighbors,” focusing on the book, “What Can You Do With a Paleta”(Popsicle)? We have learned all the Jolly Phonics songs now, so you can review them at home. We will be doing testing in the next few weeks for end of quarter progress, so you might want to review addresses, phone numbers, letter names, letter sounds, sight words etc. Please make sure that you have sent a winter set of clothes for your child for the cold season. We will need drivers for K-4th Grades caroling at nursing home the afternoon of Monday, Dec. 17. Please let me know if you can help us. For Art next week, I need a family photo of your family for a project. Please send no later than Monday, Dec 3. Thanks for your help always.


Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson  (Nov. 11)

In religion, we learn about the birth of John the Baptist and the birth of Jesus. Yes, it’s almost Christmas! John the Baptist was sent to prepare the people’s hearts for the birth of their Savior. It’s easy for us to get too busy to forget that important part of prepping for the Christmas season. It’s our job, even today, to tell others the Good News of Jesus’ birth. The children are preparing for our Christmas service to be held on Dec. 20 at 7 p.m. at Annie Merner Chapel on MacMurray College’s campus just down the street from Salem. In Reading, our theme is called “Time for Work” based on the big book called “Whose Shoes?” In Math, we learn to count by 5’s and pay for items in the store by using nickels and counting to 25 cents. We also discuss cubes and cylinders. In our Scholastic Magazine we discuss the Wampanoag and Pilgrim children and their similarities and differences. There will be no spelling test the week of Thanksgiving but there is one on Nov. 30. There is no school on Nov. 21-23.


 Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (Nov. 4)

We will be learning the story of the battle of Jericho. God rescued His people from the Canaanites and gave them a new land. God saves His people from their enemies and blesses them. We need to remember that God is with us too when we are scared and we should trust in our almighty God to help in times of trouble. Since Thanksgiving is approaching we will be talking everyday about what we are thankful for so you might talk about this with your child at home too. The title of our Scholastic Magazine is What Are You Thankful For? In reading, the theme next week is The Places We Go based on the book, Please Take Me for a Walk. In math, we will be naming a shape using three attributes and sharing a whole by separating into two equal parts. In Science, we will learn about our pets. All students should bring a photo of their pets by Nov. 12 and schedule a time to bring in your pet for us to meet (if possible) and it’s ok to borrow a pet if you don’t have one. In Social Studies, our lessons are about how we get what we want (buying and selling). The theme for Show and Tell for Nov. 8 is to bring an item that begins with the first letter of your name and for Nov. 15 it is something for which you are thankful. Thank you for the wonderful variety of snacks that you send. The children never forget to ask for snacks! Reminders: Please feel free to join us for the Veteran’s Day Celebration in the gym on Nov. 9 at 9:30 a.m. The K-4th Grade Choir will not sing on Nov. 11. Don’t forget Family Reading Night on Nov. 15 from 6-7:30 p.m. beginning by meeting in the gym. It will be a good time for all. Thanksgiving Break is Nov. 21-23.




Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (Oct. 28)


The Kindergarten class will learn about how God miraculously led His people across the Jordan River into the Promised Land, Canaan. Jesus miraculously defeated our enemies and leads us to our promised land, heaven. In Reading, the theme for the week is “Time for Work” with the Big Book titled, “Whose Shoes?” The topic for our Scholastic Magazine is “Our Veterans,” to ready us for our first Veteran’s Day Presentation from 9:30-10:30 a.m. on Nov. 9. Please have your child wear Red/White and Blue. Parents and guests are welcome to join us in the gym for this event. Last week we carved our class pumpkins (MacMurray student Mr. Kaleb Denault and Lisa Hadden-who brought us pumpkins) and used our five senses to discover the inside of the pumpkins including tasting the raw pumpkin flesh which we agreed tasted like raw carrots and looked like cantaloupe. All but one student was willing to taste, and all but one taster liked it! In Science, we begin to learn about pets. So starting on Nov. 10-14, you are welcome to bring pets in from 8:10-8:25 a.m or 3-3:15 p.m. to show classmates. Let me know ahead of time so we can be prepared for your visit. If your pet is large, we can meet you outside. The Show and Tell theme for Nov. 1 is to bring the Mystery Bag with 3 clues written on the paper with a picture your child drew of the object. For Nov. 8, they are to bring something that starts with the first letter of their name. Cancellation: The K-7th Grade Choir that was scheduled to sing on Nov. 11 has been canceled. In fact, the Kindergarten class is no longer singing with the older grade choirs but rather we will sing with the Pre-K at some point. That way we can choose songs that we can sing that don’t require us to read. We will be singing with the Pre-K for the Christmas Service on Dec. 20 at 7 p.m. We will be making ornaments on Nov. 8 for the Salem tree at the Festival of Trees which will be on display on November 16 and 17.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (October 21)


The Kindergarten class will learn about how the Children of Israel sinned by worshipping the Golden Calf while Moses went up Mt. Sinai to receive the 10 Commandments. God’s Laws are in place to give us guidelines to a happier life. We thank God that He sent Jesus to keep the Law perfectly since we can’t. In math, we will also learn to solve a problem by acting it out and paying for items up to $1 using dimes. In reading, the theme for the week is “The Places We’ve Been.” I’ve sent home a ring with sight words for each child containing words for your child to work on. Some words are ones they had trouble with and others are new words to begin learning. There are 40 sightwords (words that must be known by sight not by sounding them out) to learn before the end of Kindergarten. The Show and Tell theme for Nov. 1 is the Mystery Bag. I’ll send home instructions this week. Since October is Fire Safety month, please be sure your family practices a fire drill with your smoke alarms, finds two ways out of every location and designates a meeting place in the event of a fire. When you turn your clocks back on Nov. 4, be sure you change the batteries in your smoke alarms too. We certainly enjoyed exploring the firetrucks, exiting the smoke house through a window and putting out a fire in a pretend house with a real fireman’s hose last week. Keep those precious children safe! Don’t forget to attend Family Reading Night on Nov. 15 from 6-7:30. It will be a fun night for the whole family. Be sure to bring a few books from home to swap with some new ones that night to take home!! Be sure to send in your Book-It lists soon for October, so your child can get his/her free pizza coupon.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (Oct. 14)

 In Jesus’ Time, the Kindergarten class will learn about Martin Luther (with flannel graph figures) who was instrumental in teaching the truth and purity of the Bible 500 years ago. The Lutheran Church is named after him although he only wanted the church to be called Christians. In math, we will identify numbers from 10-20, and identify 1 cup, full cup, empty cup, half cup and 1 quart. Our new reading unit is called, Rules to Go By, based on the big book, How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? Don’t forget to bring your payment (if you choose) or a note that tells me you paid online for Picture Day on Wednesday, October 24. Thank you for selling garbage bags and pies to help our school. The Show and Tell Family Box project is due on Thurs., Oct. 25. Half of our class was able to sing in the choir on Sunday, thank you, thank you. They did great! Maybe next month, more can participate. Thank you to Stephanie Bezler and Julie Rice who helped on our field trip on Tuesday.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (Oct. 8)

Jesus Time, we learn how God gave Moses a special job to do and that was to be the leader of His people. God calls each of His children to work for Him too by sharing His message and His love. reading, we took our first unit test much like the big kids’ achievement tests. We will be doing oral tests in math, writing letters and other end of the quarter assessments too. Our next unit in Reading is built around the theme, World of Bugs, so if your family finds any bugs this week, please send them in to school so we can examine them. math, we will be weighing objects using a balance scale. Thank you for working so hard on the spelling words. We will be going on our first field trip on Tues, October 16 to see the play, Giggle, Giggle, Quack, Quack based on stories by author, Doreen Cronin, at the Sangamon Auditorium. Please sign the permission slip and send the fee of $6 each ASAP. We still could use a driver if you or a grandparent is interested in going. Thank you for reading the little books with your child, signing them and sending them back to school with the activity sheet they completed with the sentence on the back. If the paper comes home with a sticker that means that you can keep it at home. Be sure to fill out the church attendance sheet in your child’s folder so I can record it correctly on your child’s report card. The Show and Tell Theme for Oct. 18 is to bring a sign of the fall season. The K-4 Junior Choir sings this Sunday, October 14, at the 10:30 service. If your child will not be there, please send a note to school to let Mrs. Orr (or me) know that your child won’t be there, otherwise she will mark them as absent and receive a “0” grade.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (Oct. 1, 2018)

Jesus’ Time we are focusing on the Old Testament story of when Joseph’s brothers got food in Egypt after they sold him into slavery. Joseph went through difficult times, but God used him to save many people from famine. Sometimes we do not understand why things happen to us either, but we know that God never stops loving and caring for us. For memory work we are saying the Lord’s Prayer daily so please help by saying this at home with your family also. The children are very good at reciting the pledge to the American flag and they almost know the Pledge to the Cross by heart too. Our next unit in Reading is built around the theme, Shapes All Around Us. Look for a new spelling test list for a test on Oct. 12. Practice the words with your child nightly by writing and spelling them orally. We will practice in class also. We are starting to test skills for the end of first quarter (letters, sounds, etc.) which is approaching in a few weeks. We are learning about Fire Fighters that help us stay safe as we practice our emergency drills this month. Show and Tell for Oct. 11 is to bring a fireman or fire safety item or picture. Math, we are using empty grocery containers to “buy things” with coins. We will be making a Christopher Columbus ship, so we know why we celebrate by having a day off. Picture Day is Oct. 24 (envelopes will be sent home soon). Our author of the week is Mo Willems and we are reading his Elephant and Piggy series of books. Art, we will be making masks and learn a new song called, Who’s Behind That False Face? The children love to guess who is wearing the mask after the song ends. Thank you for sending apples with your child for Johnny Appleseed day last week. The children picked their favorite apple by sight as the Red Delicious, but when we did the secret taste test most chose the Gala as their favorite. Interesting!!


Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (Sept. 23)

 The Kindergarten Jesus’ Time lesson is about Abraham obeying God concerning his son, Isaac, setting a good example for us to obey what God asks of us. We are beginning to pray from the heart by praying for people whose names are in the prayer jar. In reading, our next theme is “Tools We Use.” In Math, we are making graphs with our shoes and apples, forming shapes with Geoboards and extending shape patterns. In Social Studies, we learn about how we make decisions. In Art, we will learn to draw cats and dogs. In Spelling, we will have our first actual spelling test on Thursday, Oct. 4 with the words: sat, cat, rat, mat, hat and bat. Next week we will be testing on addresses without zip codes and birthdates without the year. Our class has adopted a calf from the American Dairy Council. This means our class was able to pick out and vote on which calf to adopt on the internet and the vote was for a black and white splotchy calf that we voted to call, Puzzle. Once a month we will get an update on the growth of Puzzle and see pictures of her. It’s very exciting!! We also are enjoying using iPads to take our Accelerated Reading comprehension tests weekly with our Basketball Buddies from MacMurray. Author of the week quote from Andrea Beaty, author of Rosie Revere, Engineer: “Life might have its failures, but this was not it. only true failure can come if you quit.” With this thought we plug along, learning the basics of reading: letter names, letter sounds and everything that we can do with them to learn to read which opens a whole new world for the rest of our lives.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson (Sept. 16)

 During Jesus’ Time, the lesson is about Abraham obeying God concerning his son, Isaac, setting a good example for us to obey what God asks of us. We are beginning to pray from the heart by praying for people whose names are in the prayer jar. In Math, we are making graphs with our shoes and apples, forming shapes with Geoboards and extending shape patterns. In Social Studies, we learn about how we make decisions. In Art, we learned to mix primary colors to make all other colors while we painted our version of Picasso’s Hands and Flowers and this week we will study patterns by designing our own clowns. In Handwriting, we are learning how to form the letters correctly. Please refer to the sheet I sent home of how to form the letters before your child practices at home. “Always start your letters at the top,” is the song we sing to remind us to begin uppercase letters from the top. Next week we will be testing on knowing our first, middle, and last names as well as knowing our parent’s first and last names and our birthdate (without the year). Remember to send three different apples to school by Sept. 24 for Johnny Appleseed Day on Sept. 26. We’ll make pot hats for our heads to symbolize what Johnny wore and remember to dress like Johnny Appleseed with bib overalls or jeans, suspenders etc. on Wednesday. We will have an Apple theme for books read in class all week. On Friday, Sept. 21, we will have a dictation test on upper and lowercase letters from M-Z. Students may use the prompts of the alphabets on the walls or desks. A Show and Tell list of themes will be sent home for the next few months.

šŸ˜ŽKindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson   (September 9)                                                                      The Jesus’ Time lesson is about God having a plan to bless Abraham with a son, Isaac, when the time was right (they were in their 90’s). We must admit that sometimes we lose patience waiting for God to answer our prayers, but God has a plan for each of our lives too. He gives all His children blessings now and eternally and He always keeps his promises. We are learning the Lord’s Prayer as a group and in opening daily. We continue to learn our Jolly Phonics (jingles to remember the letter sounds) and I sent home a copy of the jingles for you to review. In reading, our unit it called, Making New Friends. When your child brings home a reading book (color copy), return the slip signed with a comment about how they he/she did, dated. In math, we are making AB and ABB patterns as well as learning to tell time to the hour. In Science, we are learning about our senses with taste tests, smelling tests and secret sacks to feel and identify items. In Social Studies our series is called My World-Here We Are by Pearson. So far we have learned about citizens, rights and responsibilities and now we will start talking about rules. We will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day on Wednesday, Sept. 26, with special apple activities and dressing-up. Children may dress up like Johnny Appleseed by wearing bib overalls or jeans with a white shirt or a flannel shirt, a gingham dress, a cooking pot for a hat, carrying a pouch for apples, etc. Please also send 3 apples (different colors/varieties if possible) with your child by Monday, Sept. 24 for the activities on Wednesday. Books of the week feature “Apples.” Thank you for those that placed book orders from Scholastic. Our classroom earns free books for points earned from your purchases. next book order will be due by Sept. 30. We will have our first Show and Tell on Thursday, September 20 and will be a free choice. Your child is encouraged to tell three things about the item they choose. Later I will send a list of Show and Tell themes. We will also have our first dictation test (later replaced with Spelling Tests) on Friday, September 21. It will be on letters A through L, uppercase and lowercase. They may use the alphabet in the room as a guide.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Henderson        (September 3)                                                                During  Jesus’ Time, we learn about Noah and the flood, a favorite story with a bad ending for the unbelievers but a great ending with God keeping His promise to save Noah, his family and us reminding us that God always keeps his promises. In reading, our unit is titled, Use Your Senses which also goes along with our Science lessons as we experience all our God-given senses. Please use the keyring that was sent home with your child to review as he/she must know the letters and sounds well before we can really jump successfully into reading words. We have a featured author almost every week but this week we focus on various Alphabet books. In math, we are collecting empty grocery cans and boxes to put in our classroom pretend store, so we can play store and use coins to “pay for” them so please send empty containers to school until Sept. 21. In Social Studies, we will learn about the differences between rights and responsibilities. In Art, we explore shaped and textures as we make animals using pieces of textured material. If anyone has interesting material scraps that we could use, please send them in by Monday, Sept. 10, so we can use it. Thank you. This week we welcomed the Girls’ Basketball Team from MacMurray College who will come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout Sept. and Oct. as our school partners. They will be playing with the children at recess and providing individual attention by playing readiness games, reading to us and listening to us read. Thank you for volunteering Mac students. The Kindergarten to 4th Grade Choir will be singing in church this Sunday, September 9 at the 10:30 service. If you cannot attend, please send a note to school prior please.

(A    (August 27)       During Jesus’ Time we took a tour of the church and learned about the altar, candles, stained glass windows, Bible etc. that the pastor uses every week. We will hear about Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. They were banned from the luscious Garden of Eden where life was perfect until they listened to Satan but God loved them so much He promised to send a Savior to save them from their sins and give them eternal life in heaven if they only believed in Jesus. We are given the same promise. We are happy to have made some new friends this year and when we hurt each other we have been learning why we say we are sorry and ask to be forgiven. In Jolly Phonics we are learning the songs for S, A, T, I, P, N, C and K while singing them daily. In reading we are spending three weeks doing a Start Smart unit to review letter names. Please review letters names with your child and have him/her practice writing his/her name using a capital at the beginning and the rest lowercase. They should always include their assigned class number. In Science we are learning what scientists do and learning the parts of the amazing bodies God gave us, including the torso and abdomen. We have a featured author almost every week and this week it is Eric Carle, the author of Little Cloud, The Very Busy Spider, The Very Grouchy Ladybug and others. In math, we reviewed how to write our numbers and are starting to tell time to the hour, reviewing the terms: before, after and between and writing money amounts to 10 cents. We are walking on the balance beam in PE as well as learning some ABC yoga positions. Please be sure to send your child’s water bottle back every Monday after sanitizing it over the weekend. We have checked out books from our school library and I ask that you return these by Friday of each week, so you child can check out another book for the next week. Please read the school newsletter every week so your child is prepared for school. I’m trying to determine if parents are receiving my messages, therefore, if you are reading this right now, please send a note to school to tell me that you read this and your child will receive a special prize. You can always read the newsletter at the Salem website too! Thank you for attending the Open House on Wednesday. I am in the process of setting up a time for a home visit to see your child on his/her own turf. Please help me find a time that will work for your family. I’d like to get to know you all better and answer any specific questions you have then.



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