1st & 2nd Grade Deborah Steinacher

Current News

The class has been incredibly busy! We have learned so very much!  It is wonderful to be in the classroom and learning in person.  Every week we do a variety of activities.  Throughout the school year we keep a writing binder.  It is filled with a variety of writing styles that we type on GoogleDocs.  The class learns how to open and close a document, how to change the font, how to change the line spacing, and much more.  In religion each year we do a video about Jesus.  This year we made a video called "Thank You, Jesus."  The class works very hard to learn the songs and their lines.  It is a wonderful presentation about their faith.  In science we add to our curriculum with several handson activities.  Throughout the school  year we celebrate 100 Day, Lutheran Schools Week, and Field Day.  There are so many milestones!  Salem Lutheran School is a wonderful place to learn and grow!