December 2019  
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December 12th, 2019




It is said that hindsight is 20-20.  A contemporary Christmas song asks, “Mary, did you know...”  All parents wonder what their child’s future will be.  Mary knew that the baby Jesus was special, but couldn’t know the miraculous details that would come later in the story of His life.  The song refers to walking on water, giving sight to a blind man, and calming the storm with His hand.  It also affirms Jesus’ divinity as Lord of all creation, having walked where angels trod, and being the great “I Am”.  We have the benefit of being able to look back on the event of His birth.  In this Advent season, may we be re-introduced to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  May the Christ of Christmas rule in your heart.  Amen.


AFTER SCHOOL CARE:   Due to early dismissal for the Christmas Vacation, there will be NO After School Care provided Friday, December 20th  Thank You

NEWS FROM THE CHOIR- The children's choir will not be singing on a Sunday in December. Instead the students in PreK-8 will be presenting the Children's Christmas Service on Thursday, December 19, at 7:00 pm. The students are excited about learning their songs and recitations. The service will be at Salem this year. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the students to share the Good News about the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Come and enjoy the worship service with us.

FAMILY SERVICE HOURS:  Please be reminded there is a 30 service hour requirement for each family this year.  The purpose is to increase parental involvement in activities here at Salem, which in turn, increases our impact in service both here at SLS and within the community.   The current tuition schedule already reflects the $10/service hour increase. As families complete their 30 hours throughout the school year, their tuition bill will be reduced by up to $300.  Each semester the office will update how many hours have been completed.  Lastly, Service Forms are available from your child’s teacher or the desk in the office.  Please return completed forms to the teacher or the box in the main hallway.

SCHOOL CLOSING IN INCLIMATE WEATHER:   You should check Channel 20, WICS television for closings. Listen to WLDS/WEAI for their list of closings. Check Facebook and see if it has been posted on the site.  Be prepared to receive a text message from your child’s teacher. The teachers have an app on their phones to notify the entire class once they hear from the principal. We want everyone to be safe

YOUTH GROUP NEWS:  The youth group is having a wonderful time meeting each month. Parents please plan on staying each month and enjoying the time together as well. It has been a great time for parents and the youth. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy great food, fun activities, and wonderful fellowship. It has been meeting on the third weekend of the month. On Sunday, December 15, the youth group will be caroling at two nursing homes in Jacksonville. We will all meet at church at 2:30. Then we will load up and go to Skilled Nursing to sing at 3:00. After that we will go to Cedar Hurst to sing at 4:30. When everyone is back at church we will have pizza. Feel free to bring chips, desserts, or drinks to share. Also be sure to bring a friend.

CHRISTMAS SERVICE:  Join our students with praise and joy as they present the Annual Christmas Service on Thursday, December 19th at 7 p.m. in our Sanctuary.  Please join our worship service as we celebrate the Birth of Our Savior.  Students are to report to their classroom that evening no later than 6:45 p.m.  Lastly, we ask that your child be dressed in church clothes.  Thank you.

SECOND QUARTER AWARDS CEREMONY:  Mark your calendar for Friday, January 17th for our Second Quarter Awards Ceremony.  The ceremony will be held at 8:15 am in the Sanctuary.

POINSETTIAS:   We are taking orders for Poinsettias for the Christmas Season here at Salem.  The Poinsettias will be delivered to Salem in time for the Children’s Christmas Service on December 19th.  After the Christmas Service, they will be placed in the Sanctuary.  They will be ordered from Barber the Florist, Red and White Poinsettias for $15.00 each.  We need all orders to be prepaid and ordered by December 16th.  If you have any questions, please call the office at (217)243-3419.

FRIENDLY REMINDER- Please contact the office when your child is sick or will not be in school.  You may leave a voicemail message as well.  The phone number is (217) 243-3419. Thank you, Karen Engebrecht

STATEMENTS- Please check your students’ book bag for tuition and other charges statements sent home. Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you, Paula.

ALL PARENTS- Please use the church door entrance and sign-in with the office when dropping off or picking up your student. During the hours of the Before and After Care Program, please use the South Annex Door off of E. Beecher Ave; you will be buzzed-in.

FED ON HIS WORD- Each week we are given the opportunity to hear the preaching of His Word. Together, we rejoice as we share in the fellowship of our Lord, and we respond to worship as His Called People of Faith. Please encourage your child to attend both Church & Sunday School each week to enable them to know more about Jesus. Sunday School at Salem is at 9:15 am.

PRAYER FAMILIES- Each day we pray for all of our students and their families. It has long been a custom of our school to divide our families each year by the number of school weeks and especially pray for them in our morning devotions. Please pray for these families this week:  Jennings and Magelitz

DECEMBER CHAPEL OFFERINGS- Our December Chapel Offerings will go to the Warming Center

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER DEADLINE- Please have your news items in by noon on Tuesdays. Thank you!


Thursday, Dec. 12th French Toast, Eggs, Grapes, Milk

Friday,  Dec 13h ­– Chicken Pot Pie, Apples, Bred, Milk

Monday, Dec. 16th  –  Grilled Chicken w/g Bun, Carrots, Oranges, Milk

Tuesday, Dec. 17th    – Taco’s, Lettuce, Cheese, Sour Cream, Tomato, Grapes, and Milk

Wednesday, Dec. 18th   – Cheesy Chicken Tetrazinni, Bread, Pears, Milk


Ingredients: Grapes, Apples, Cantaloupe, (or any fruit of your choice), sugar free waffle cones.

Directions: slice and clean fruit and scoop into a waffle cone to enjoy a tasty treat!


Preschool News from Mrs. Sharon Bremer As all of you know the preschoolers are sponsoring 2 angels this year. We will be wrapping up the gifts later next week to deliver to the children. If you'd like to donate to the children just let me know. If you can't donate anything that is fine. Just simply pray for these children and their families. We will have a gift exchange at our Christmas party on Friday, December 20. Each boy please buy a gift for a boy and each girl buy one for a girl. Please around 10 to 15 dollars. We will have the preschool classes combined on Friday, December 20, and the party will be from 830 until dismissal at 115. Song sheets went home for Away in a Manger and our Christmas finger play. We will be practicing at school but ask that you go over these at home also. The program is next week at 7 in the church. Please have your child here in our classroom by 6:45. Thank you to all of you for everything you do for us. I am grateful for all of you.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Blayre Petri: This week in Kindergarten we are practicing daily for our Christmas program that is on the 19th. The students will be singing the first verse of “O Come All Ye Faithful”, three verses of “Away in a Manger”, and also reciting a couple lines. The students will need to continue practicing these at home this week and next. We are also finishing up Unit 4 in Reading with our Unit 4 test and beginning Unit 5. We will be working on the letter H in phonics and handwriting and our big book is “My Garden”. Our new site word is my and in math we are doing lessons 96-100. We will be talking about the painting “Starry Night” in art and the students will get the opportunity to use oil crayons to create their versions of this painting. In Social Studies we are talking about how we use earth’s resources and in Science we will be identifying the characteristics of objects made of metal, wood, plastic, rubber, and fabric.

1st & 2nd Grade News from Mrs. Deborah Steinacher For the week of December 16 there will be no regular reading or spelling. Instead we will be doing a variety of review activities. For memory we will be working on our songs and recitations for the Children's Christmas service which will be Thursday, Dec. 19, at 7:00. We will be practicing several times throughout the week. The students are getting excited about telling everyone about the Good News of Jesus' birth. Our field trip to two nursing homes will be Monday, Dec. 16. We will be leaving at 12:45 and returning by the end of the school day. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to sing Christmas songs to the residents, visit with them, and tell them Merry Christmas. We are working hard on having our AR goals met by Friday, Dec. 13. Most of them have met their goals! Way to go! Our next book report is due Wednesday, December 18. They may be handed in at any time. If you would like to help sponsor our little angel from the Salvation Army angel tree, please send in your unwrapped gifts by Dec. 18. If you prefer, you may send in cash. Then after school I will go shopping for other things that were on the list. Thank you for helping us to celebrate Christmas by donating to others in the community. On Friday, Dec. 20, we will do a variety of Christmas activities in the morning. We will be making some Christmas crafts, making some cards, and playing a few games. On Dec. 20, school dismisses at 1:15 for Christmas break. God's blessings to everyone.

3rd & 4th Grade News from Mrs. Linda Gullen:  For the week of December 16 we will mainly focus on our practices for the Christmas Service held Thursday evening here at Salem. Lots of memorization has taken place and learning of songs. On Monday, December 16 Kindergarten - 4th grade will be caroling at Knollwood and Prairie Village in the afternoon. As of now we have plenty of drivers for this activity so thank you for your responses. Please encourage your child to get all of their Accelerated Reading points completed before Wednesday, December 18. That is the cutoff date for the end of the quarter. Eight points are due for 3/4 graders. Several students have brought in gifts for our Special Angel already. If you are still interested in contributing the due date is Wednesday, Dec. 18.On Thursday evening, please have your student here in the classroom by 6:45pm and dressed in Sunday church clothes. We will be having a Christmas party in our classroom on Friday and remember dismissal will be at 1:15 pm. Friday the 20th will also be the end of the second quarter. May all of our Salem families have a very blessed Christmas and joyous break from school.

6th Grade News from Mrs. Ronda Quigg: This  continues to be very busy month for our students. This week the sixth through eighth grade will be helping with the Doorbell Dinners. Also, the students are busy practicing for the Christmas program. In reading in this week, the sixth through eighth grade students will finish reading A Christmas Carol and taking vocabulary and reading quizzes over Staves Four and Five. In grammar, the sixth grade will be working on semicolons and colons; the seventh and eighth grade will be working on fragments and run-on sentences.

7th & 8th Grade News from Mr. Clint Borton: This week has been and will be crazy for the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders with the Morgan County Tournament, the Doorbell Dinners, Christmas Service Practice, and School. For 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies, we are concluding our study of the causes of the Revolution this week. The students should be prepared for a test on Friday or Monday. Then students next week will be finishing key information for the Revolution so when we come back from break we can start on Westward Expansion. For 7th/8th Grade Science students will be starting the 2nd book of this year called Chemical Building Blocks. The book will discuss many of the same concepts as they have already learned about in the Chemical Interactions book. 6th grade Social studies will be wrapping up causes of the American Revolution and will start on Monday a few things that took place during the Revolution. I would expect a test on Wednesday or Thursday. As far as Science, we will conclude weather patterns this week or early next week depending on the progress of the Christmas Service. Students will be very busy for the next two weeks with the Christmas Program and finishing up the semester, make sure to ask your student if they have everything turned in that they need turned in.