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October 10th, 2019

Clear Communications: Clearly stating what you mean and intend is often quite difficult. In our hurried and busy lives, we may not take the time to fully communicate with one another. Communication is a two-way street. The parties involved must be able to communicate through listening and responding. This process may take numerous times before an understanding is realized. As social beings, we need constant communication with others. Now add varied life experiences and language barriers and communication gets even more difficult. As a school, our primary goal is one of communication. To teach implies that direct and understood communication has been realized. This not only applies to our academic lessons, but also in the area of discipline and other related matters. Often these communications are not fully understood as presented. A mathematics lesson may need to be taught and retaught several times and in different manners before a student is able to grasps its comprehension. Yet, the communication is to continue until an understanding is reached. God communicates with us each and every day in many and varied ways. We may not hear His voice directly speaking to us, but through faith, we know His will and direction for our lives. He gives to us His Word as a source of communication. It is through His Word that we see God. Prayer is our communication to God. Unlike telephone communications which are destroyed by busy signals or unavailable parties, God is always near and anxiously awaits our prayers. He has also given to you and I the power of the Holy Spirit to be communicators of His love and grace. God indeed grants to us clear communications. We pray that our sinful nature does not impede those communications for without them we are aimless wanderers left on our own.



IN SYMPATHY- The Salem Family extends sympathy to Mrs. Ronda Quigg (junior high teacher) and family at the passing of her father, Lisle Spradlin. May the Lord give comfort to the family.

NEWS FROM THE CHOIR- The choir has been practicing more songs to share with the congregation. They are doing a wonderful job of learning the words to the songs. We will be singing again soon. Please mark your calendars: October 27 and November 24 at the 10:30 services. Thank you so much for helping us praise God and giving Him thanks with our voices. If you are unable to attend, please let your classroom teacher or Mrs. Steinacher know. Thank you. God's blessings.

SALEM CAMPING ADVENTURE- There’s a camping adventure coming to the Salem gym on Thursday, November 7 from 6:00-7:30 pm. It’s all part of the school’s Family Reading Night. A Scholastic Book Fair will be open during that time and on Sunday, November 10 from 9am-12pm. It’s time to think about doing some Christmas shopping and we know books make wonderful gifts. Our school has the opportunity to benefit with books, materials, and $$ profit. Please contact Rita Tendick (217-473-5017) or Cathy Kollman (217-371-9342) if you are willing to help with the Book Fair. It’s going to be a fun night for all. More information on how you can help with other parts of this adventure will appear in next week’s newsletter.

PIE SALE- Thank you all for your pie orders. The pies are scheduled to be delivered Friday, November 22, after school.

TESTING REMINDER- Standardized testing will be conducted October 15th through the 18th. Please make sure your child is well rested. Thank you.

FRIENDLY REMINDER- Please contact the office when your child is sick or will not be in school. You may leave a voicemail message as well. The phone number is (217) 243-3419. Thank you, Karen Engebrecht

STATEMENTS- Please check your students’ book bag for tuition and other charges statements sent home. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you, Paula.

COME ONE, COME ALL- Come have your ideas heard! Church and school members are both invited to attend PTL meetings. We would like the meetings to be inclusive of both parents and church members alike.

PACK THE HOUSE- Let’s pack Leo’s Pizza open to close! Help us earn money for Salem Lutheran School. Enjoy a meal with your family on the first Monday of every month, and Leo’s will donate a portion of your bill back to Salem, dine in or carry out only, no delivery. Support an amazing local business and Salem!

ALL PARENTS- Please use the church door entrance and sign-in with the office when dropping off or picking up your student. During the hours of the Before and After Care Program, please use the South Annex Door off of E. Beecher Ave; you will be buzzed-in.

FED ON HIS WORD- Each week we are given the opportunity to hear the preaching of His Word. Together, we rejoice as we share in the fellowship of our Lord, and we respond to worship as His Called People of Faith. Please encourage your child to attend both Church & Sunday School each week to enable them to know more about Jesus. Sunday School at Salem is at 9:15 am.

PRAYER FAMILIES- Each day we pray for all of our students and their families. It has long been a custom of our school to divide our families each year by the number of school weeks and especially pray for them  in our morning devotions. Please pray for these families this week: Daak/Ratliff.


OCTOBER CHAPEL OFFERINGS- Our October Chapel offerings will go to Bethesda Lutheran Communities.

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER DEADLINE- Please have your news items in by noon on Tuesdays. Thank you!


Tuesday, Oct. 15th- 6:00pm & 7:00pm- HOME against Mt. Paulaski & OSS.



Thursday, Oct. 10th – NO SCHOOL

Friday, Oct. 11th ­­– NO SCHOOL

Monday, Oct. 14th– NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, Oct. 15th – Screaming Taco Salad, Lettuce, Tomato, Sour Cream, Peaches & Milk.

Wednesday, Oct. 16th- Mac & Cheese, Bread, Veggies, Grapes & Milk.


HEALTHY SNACK- Yogurt Apples

Ingredients: 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 3/4 tablespoon of orange juice, 4 medium tortilla/ whole wheat. Toppings: 1/4 cup blackberries, 1/4 cup strawberries, 1/4 cup kiwi, 1/4 cup mandarin oranges/ canned in juice.



Preschool News from Mrs. Sharon Bremer: Well, we finally feel like fall and the preschoolers are delighted. We are delighted with apples, pumpkins and fall things. We are currently excited that we will be going on our first field trip of this school year. On Tuesday, October 15th, at about 12:30 we will be leaving school and going to Market Six around Chapin for an afternoon of pumpkin painting, scavenger hunts and fun. Please be sure to leave your child's car seat or booster seat that morning so we can safely transport them. Also, please see they have a jacket and are appropriately dressed for the outside weather. Please try to dress your child that day in their Salem preschool sweatshirt or shirt if possible.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Blayre Petri: This week in Kindergarten we are starting Unit 2 in Reading and our vocabulary words are materials and nature. The big book we are reading is “Shapes All Around”. We have been discussing how the many things around us are made up of shapes. The students have noticed that our doors, windows, and even things we eat like pizza can be looked at as a shape. The letter we have been working on sounding out is the letter T and our new site word is like. In Math we have been using our geoboards to also make shapes and line segments, estimating collections, and counting by 10’s. The students will not have a spelling test this week but we are continuing to work on writing all of our letters of the alphabet. We will be making our very own pumpkin patches in art using thumb prints.

1st& 2nd Grade News from Mrs. Deborah Steinacher: For the week of October 15, we will not be having a normal schedule. We will be having Achievement Tests in the morning. It will take the place of our reading and spelling. The other subjects will be on a normal schedule. In math we will be working with doubles plus one, telling time to the five minutes, and having sums greater than 100. We will also continue working on memorizing our adding and subtraction facts. We will also be working with our 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10 multiplication facts in class. In social studies we are learning about our needs and wants and how families meet those needs. In science we are continuing to learn about plants. Next week we also have our field trip to Passavant's Mini-Medical Days. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to become better acquainted with the pediatric floor, the rehabilitation center, healthy choices, and how to avoid germs. Drivers please come to our classroom at 11:30. Thank you for going with us to Passavant on Tuesday, October 15. A wonderful time was had by everyone at the First and Second Grade Family Bowling! Thank you for coming. It was a great opportunity to catch up with everyone. Also, a huge thank you to David White. He surprised us all by paying for the rest of the family members to bowl on Sunday. A big thank you to our drivers for our first field trip to Pumpkin Creek Farms. Everyone had a wonderful time learning about pumpkins, trying the apple cider and apple doughnuts, and playing on their hay bales. Thank you to Sherry Eckert, Rebecca Daak, Sara Schumacher, and Julie Rice. We would also like to thank David Leinberger for sponsoring our field trip to Pumpkin Creek Farms! We all had a wonderful time! Thank you so very much! The class would also like to thank Will for providing us with our snack next week in the afternoon. We greatly appreciate it. God's blessing to everyone. Have a wonderful week.

3rd & 4th Grade News from Mrs. Linda Gullen: I hope that all of you will enjoy the five-day break from school starting Thursday. When students return on Tuesday, October 15, we will begin our Iowa Basics Testing. Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest and eats a good breakfast each morning. Obviously, the scheduling of the day is different so try to avoid appointments during this week. Some students get done before others so please make sure your student has a book to read when they finish early. We want to provide a good atmosphere for all students to do well. If you have any questions at all please call the school office. May God bless your family during the break.

6th Grade News from Mrs. Ronda Quigg: Sixth grade will have a grammar test on Tuesday and a reading quiz on Wednesday. In grammar, the seventh and eighth grade students will be working on quotations. In composition, students are working on writing summaries. A reminder that parent/teacher conferences are October 24 and 25, so please sign up for a time when you receive the note..

7th & 8th Grade News from Mr. Clint Borton: The 7th/8th grade Social Studies has been learning about the causes and effects of the French and Indian War. Students will be able to identify why the French and Indian War has a direct effect on why the American Revolution takes place. In 7th/8th Grade Science students will finish their molecule bonds by the end of the week. Students will learn Ionic and Covalent bonds which will allow them to be able to start their bonds that will be assigned to them on Wednesday. 6th grade social studies is learning about Spanish exploration in North America. Students will learn about the French and other countries and will eventually use the information learned to do a report on a specific country and their exploration. 6th grade science will be learning about soil and how soil is constructed of. We will be doing an experiment on the difference between soil and sand later in the week. Again, thank you for your support of Salem Lutheran School and please pray for the teachers as we go to the Lutheran Education Association Conference in St. Louis Wednesday thru Saturday. Please pray for the needed collaboration with other teachers and that we can bring back some new knowledge to use in the classroom.