Supply List 3’s—2-Day Class  2013-14


2 light blue glue sticks (no name on these) “Elmer’s washable gel school glue stick” works best!


A change of clothes (for instance: pants, socks, shirt, underwear.)


Bath-sized towel for quiet-time (you don’t have to buy a new one.  Darker colors are better.  Please put your child’s name on this.)


1 box thick tipped washable Crayola markers (any colors)  We prefer Crayola, due to the interchangeable lids.)


1 solid-colored pocket folder (child’s name on the inside, please.)


2 Rolls of paper towels.


1 box of crayons---any size, any colors (Crayola brand works best for school.)


1 box of Band-aids


One box of Zip-loc bags—gallon size


One container of Clorox wipes


One box of 5-oz paper cups—(Not bathroom cups)


Note: You don’t need to buy a backpack!  We will paint one at our meeting!




Preschool Reasons to Celebrate 2012-13

·      16/19 of 2-day preschoolers could write their name, 16/19 knew basic shapes, and 18/19 could recognize basic colors.

·      100% of all preschoolers know that Jesus loves them and loved to pray for their friends and family who needed extra blessings and prayers.

·      100% of 3-day and 5-day students could do AB patterning.  90% could do ABC patterning.

·      16/18 of 3-day preschoolers can recognize 75% of letters or more. 9/18 could recognize 100%.

·      Five-day preschoolers went farther than any class yet in the Kindergarten Saxon Math Curriculum (40 lessons!)

·      All 21 five-day students could put the numbers 1-10 in order.

·      All 21 five-day students narrated parts of the Christmas story to make their own “I-Pad Bible Movie. “

·      An average student in the five-day preschool class recognized 22 letters of the alphabet and could produce 13 letter-sounds.