We learn through play!

Welcome to the Salem 5-day Prekindergarten Page!  Here is a sample of the accomplishments of last year's 5-day class!

Things to Celebrate 2015-16!


This past year’s class loved to sing!  The children learned many songs and they were able to remember many of them at the end of the year.  They completed their Religion curriculum and Mrs. Aring even added a few units and Bible stories!  The class members began to integrate their learning about Jesus in the daily routine in the classroom.  This class loved to learn about animals such as penguins, owls, raccoons, butterflies and sea animals.  We went through 40 lessons in the Kindergarten Math curriculum and all could make up their own AB pattern, and most could do an ABC pattern.  They did a great job on telling time on the hour.  An average student in this class, this year, knew 24 uppercase letters and, 22 lower case letters, and could give 17 letter sounds.  An average child could count to 62 and all could do a 14-piece puzzle.  God has blessed our learning and our faith-growth!