Each year we do a variety of classroom projects. Each week we do a reading activity that corresponds with our reading story.  The reading activities reinforce skills that we covered that week in class.  Some of our activities have included making our own photo essay, writing an acrostic poem, following directions to know how to make a cake, making lemonade, and researching turtles.  We also write each week, type up our writing in the computer lab, and then edit and print our stories.  Throughout the school year the students will write several fantasy stories, four research reports, complete a poetry unit, write five paragraph essays, and write seasonal stories.  Throughout the school year we also take several field trips.  In the fall we go to Passavant's Mini-Medical Days.  This field trip allows the students to get better acquainted with what happens at a hospital in case they ever need to be there.  The students always enjoy looking at x-rays on the computer and visiting the rehabilitation center.  We also visit Wohlers Farm.  When we visit the farm we get to see a lot of antiques so that the students can learn about how things have changed from long ago. They also get to play games, grind coffee beans, make butter, and shell corn like people did long ago.  We also sing at a nursing home in December.  This is a great community service project that helps the students spread some Christmas cheer.  One of our last field trips is our trip to the Children's Museum and Scovill Zoo in Decatur.  The students really enjoy all of the hands-on activities there. We get to see a variety of animals at the zoo, have a picnic lunch, and then enjoy the activities at the Children's Museum.  It is always a fun-filled day. Stop by and visit our classroom any time to see what we are doing.